Did you know that your 2-factor authentication and your “secure” password can easily be bypassed?

As a YouTuber, you MUST protect your channel and keep hackers out BEFORE they destroy everything that you have built!

Enroll now in the YouTube Security Course so you can protect your channel and your income!   

Liron Segev speaking about Security at VidSummit
Liron Segev -
YouTube Security Specialist

It takes less than 10 minutes to secure your channel
- I will show you exactly how so anyone can do it!

I will teach you how:

Your 2-factor authentication is NOT enough to stop them

Hackers can easily your 2-factor authentication.
Yes, even if you have a hardware key like a YubiKey or a Google Titan Key.

I am going to show you how they do this so that you don't let them take over your channel.

You have the WRONG settings on your Channel

Over 90% of the hacks on YouTube are successful because the hackers exploited incorrect settings that were set up on the YouTube Channel!

I am going to show you exactly what you need to change to ensure yours is protected.

You don't have the right tools to be secure

There are specific must-have tools that you need to have in order to keep yourself and your channel safe.

I am going to show you the exact toolset every single Creator must have.

You have a weak link that you must identify

Hackers are exploiting the weakest link.

And it may not even be you!

I am going to show you how to protect your entire system so if/ when you work with a team, you can do so safely.

How much is your channel and your income worth to you?

$ 385 once-off
  • Access to all the training material
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Downloadable templates and worksheets
  • The Must-Have tools/ software cheatsheet


100% Money Back Guarantee

Simple: 7 day 100% money-back guarantee.

I really don’t want you to lose access to your YouTube Channel and lose thousands of dollars in income. But if you start the course and realize this isn’t for you, no problem.

Just let us know and you will get 100% refund.


But do you really want to make a "I Got Hacked" video?

Learn from a YouTube Security Specialist

My name is Liron Segev.

I am a YouTube Security Specialist having worked with some of the largest Creators on the platform. 

I regularly speak at Creators events such as VidCon and VidSummit helping Creators not get hacked!

My own YouTube Channel has over 1 million subs where I help my viewers understand Privacy and Security, and not fall victims to scams.

I want to help you too!

Why did I create this course?

I have seen first hand at how a Creator’s life is destroyed when their channel is hacked. What many don’t realize is that when the channel is restored by YouTube, it doesn’t bounce back to where it was before the hack.


It’s like having to start a new channel; not many Creators can do it again.

So I created this Course as this is what I was teaching my YouTube consulting Clients and I realized that no one was offering this information to the Creator Community.

So I decided to do something about it and I created the Security For Creators system.

Liron Segev - Made On YouTube

You got questions? I have answers:

I have 2-factor authentication, so what do I need this for?

ahhh the biggest mistake us YouTube Creators make, is thinking that 2-factor authentication automatically makes you safe – it doesn’t.
I will show you in the course how hackers easily get around 2-factor authentication and take over your channel.
I will obviously also show you what to do so that this doesn’t happen to you!

I am not “technical”, can I do this?

For sure! This is specifically designed for people who are not tech nerds with easy-to-follow step-by-step video guides. If you can run a YouTube channel, you can easily go through this course

Isn’t this expensive?

Imagine all that AdSense YouTube Revenue going to zero because your channel is removed from the platform – how much money will you lose?
Imagine you have a brand deal that you charged thousands for. Now imagine you can’t deliver on the video because you lost your channel. Not only do you lose that income, but will the brand want to work with you again?
What we teach in the course is a fully comprehensive way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you so that you don’t lose your income in a heartbeat (as is happening daily to so many Creators)

Plus we give you Money Back Guarantee!

So it’s really a no-brainer. If you don’t like it, get your money back!

How does the money-back guarantee work?

Very simple. If you sign up for the course and don’t like it, just email [email protected] and ask for a refund.


Here is what some of the students had to say:

“if I hadn’t met him, I would have inevitably lost my channel…This is probably one of the best things over the last few years for YouTubers” – Zealous (4 Million Subs)

“This is so so critical especially if you are deriving income from your Creator Business…this security course is so badly needed in this space!” – Justin Moore – Founder of Creator Wizard

“Most Creators don’t imagine that their channel disappear overnight. The truth is that is very possible!” -Jenny Hoyos  (1.4 Million Subs)

“The modules about working with a team and the security measures that you need to have in place were of tremendous value” – Lila From YouTube (154k Subs)

“How embarrassing would it be if you lost access to your own YouTube Channel and a hacker started scamming your viewers!” – Andrew Murdoch – Founder, YTera

“you think you are secure, but I gurantee that you are not nearly as secure as you think you are!” – Kristina Smallhorn (262k Subs)

“it can take someone like me, who knows nothing about security, and show you precisely what you need to do to secure your account”– Jason Farmer (223k Subs)

“Hackers are REAL! I now sleep better at night and I feel now that my online presence is definitely more secure!”– Joe Kids2Kids (330k Subs)

Some more questions? Here are some more answers:

How much time does this take?

As a fellow YouTuber myself, I know we have a lot on our plate.
The last thing you need is to dedicate days to studying.

So this course is built with that in mind. You can easily binge-watch the entire course, or you can do one module at a time.

It’s completely up to you!

Do you need access to my YouTube Channel?

Definitely NO!
No access is required at all.

Is this course self-paced or do I need to show up at specific times?

This is 100% self-paced.

Each module introduces the topic and shows you exactly what to do.

If you have set time aside, and already have some of the solutions in place, you can move to the next module.

No need to wait!

I watch a lot of YouTube videos about security, how is this different?

You can get a lot of information online.

I have my own YouTube channel where I openly share Security and Scam-related content.

The difference is that in this course, I go deeper and show security-related processes that are typically not found online (at least not in non-hacker communities)

I work with people remotely – does this course help with that?


As a YouTube Creator, I work with an editor, thumbnail designer, scriptwriter, and more.

The weakest link in security is always the person.

Therefore, I cover in the course what you need to do to create a safe working space for your channel while working with a remote team.

This is for YouTube, I also have other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Does this help with that too?

Yes, there is some overlap with other platforms.

I am working on courses to secure other platforms too.


Growing your channel is HARD.
Protecting it is EASY