I wanted to give you a heads up of a scam that is going around via Twitter DM that is targeting Creators.

This is a Twitter DM that is sent by various accounts such as @Capra420 and the content is as follows:

“Hey Bro, I’m a YouTuber specializing in YouTube ideation, both long and short form. Currently collaborating with Oscar VLTR. I’d like to offer you a free trial: 10 ideas delivered within 2 days. No results yet, but hey, it’s on the house. After that, it’s £500 for 10 ideas, always delivered on your schedule. Thanks for your time, bro. Excited to hear from you!”

Legit or Not?

The original profile had the URL for: unlimitedviralideas

This is a legitimate service website run by Oscar ‘VLTR’ Gracie which is referred to in the DM.

I contacted Oscar on LinkedIn and asked him to confirm if this person is representing their company. Oscar confirmed that he is not and they don’t offer this service. He also confirmed that he would be contacting these accounts to have them remove his name and URL from their profile.

Today, I see that the profile no longer has the URL.

What should you do?

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with people reaching out via DM to offer their services. This is a pretty widespread practice especially with video editors and thumbnail designers.

But you need to check their profile before engaging. We cover this in more detail in module 4 of the free YouTube Security Training course.

Look out for profiles that have been recently created, look at the timeline and see if they are posting original tweets or just retweeting others to make it look like an active profile.

Also, be aware that there are services on the Dark Web that sell Twitter profiles so you can’t even trust that Gold checkmark (not to mention the blue checkmark is pointless)

Just another day in the trenches fighting these scammers so you don’t get hacked!

Keep safe out there,

Liron Segev

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