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In the YouTube Security Training, I teach why you should set up a PO Box or a Virtual Address. It takes just one creep to show up at your home and your life instantly changes!

This does not only apply if you are a “big” Creator. We have many incidents of “small” Creators being harassed by some creepy fan.

It’s a security precaution we should all be doing.

HOWEVER, there is a new worrying trend.

“Fans” are sending packages to Creators’ PO Boxes and hiding AirTags inside the packages.

The AirTag then reveals confidential information such as the Creator’s home or Studio address and this information is shared in a private telegram group.

We have even seen a case where the package was taken to the location where a music video was being filmed in a remote location in Las Vegas and “fans” showed up ruining the shoot.

What should you do?

If you receive packages from anyone (not just fans), open the package at the location where your PO Box before you head out.

You not only want to look out for these trackers, but it is a good place to do the initial check and decide if the item should be taken back to your location.

The old prank is back – but now it’s serious

As you can see from the Tweet below, this has been going on for a while now. What was once a small prank, is now becoming more prolific.

I received 3 new cases just last week from Creators discovering hidden trackers inside their fan mail. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when these incidents are grouped, it seems like someone is willing to pay for this information so the “fans” are willing to lose their tracker.

This is worrying.

Please watch out and share this with your Creator friends before an incident happens.

I also show this in the Free Training where a Creator was Doxxed, so you can see how he was exposed.

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7:15 PM • Mar 1, 2024

Keep safe out there,

Liron Segev