Hi Reader,

I am hoping you can spare 60 seconds to help me with a Content Creator Security Study.

It’s a quick multiple-choice question form where your answers are 100% anonymous – https://forms.gle/dABNPYAM89HxiAXx8

Why this Study?

This is part of a larger picture to understand Creator Security and how we, and the platforms, can implement changes to protect our content (and our income!)

Why a Google Form?

I want to be clear that I can not see any personal data such as IP address, browser types, etc.

Google does not share this info with people who create forms.

So far…

The survey had been live for less than 24 hours and the data is already fascinating revealing some serious concerns that the various platforms need to address.

Please share the link on your social media, Discord groups, and anywhere else Cretors hang out.

Can I count on you?

Keep safe out there,

Liron Segev