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Hello Reader,

Why this Alert?

There is a new malware called ExelaStealer spreading throughout the Dark Web channels.

It is an Infostealer which means it is designed specifically to extract information from your computer and send it to the hacker usually without triggering any alerts or alarms.

And this particular Infostealer can steal a lot!

As you can see from the Functions image below, some features include stealing passwords, cookies and session tokens, Discord tokens, WiFi Info, credit card info, keystrokes, screenshots, and more.

This malware is being spread by several means, but the most common way seems to be hidden inside PDF documents.

Our thoughts:

This has us worried!

Typically a hacker would need to have advanced coding and hacking skills in order to steal information.

However, as you can see from the Ad for ExelaSteaer, and yes they advertise, if you are a hacker and you want to use this malware the cost is negligible.

It’s only $20 per month, or $45 for three months, or $120 for a lifetime license.

At this low price point, even new hackers with little experience are able to deploy this malware!

Even the code is written in such a way that it’s easy to use:

How does this impact you as a Creator?

As we discussed in depth in the YouTube Security Course, these hackers know how Creators operate.

They know that we interact with brands. They know that we typically get legal agreements and assets sent via email.

And this is what they exploit.

What should you do?

Don’t open PDF files that come via email. Ask the brand to upload the document onto a Cloud Storage like Google Drive and share the link to that document. This way you know that Google has scanned that PDF file for any malware.

NEVER accept any ZIP file with a password. This is 99% malware and this is exactly how the hackers not only get your confidential information but are able to get around 2-factor Authentication!

Want to know more?

We obviously go in-depth about just how hackers get around 2-factor Authentication or how they hack channels, but it’s all in the YouTube Security Course!

Keep safe out there,

The Security For Creators Team

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