Creator Alert

Hello Reader,

Why this Alert?

We are getting reports of this email that is targeting YouTube Creators.

The email informs the Creator about a “Copyright infringement report” that needs to be reviewed and signed.

Our thoughts:

This is NOT how the YouTube Copyright system works.

If you were to get a copyright notice, it would come from YouTube and look like this:

As you can see there are no forms to fill out.

The notice includes the title of the video, the copyright content, and who it is claimed by.

It is also obvious on the next steps and how that impacts that particular video.

There is also a link that shows you what options you have.

If you click on the button…

When the Creator clicks on the link to “Review and sign” the fake copyright notice, a PDF file is downloaded.

Hidden inside the PDF is malware that allows the hackers to get the Creator’s info to take over their YouTube Channel.

Hackers do this in a way that allows them to bypass 2-factor Authentication so that is not going to stop them from taking over the channel.

What should you do?

Delete this email. Check your YouTube Sutudio app for any real notifications that impact your channel.

Want to know more?

We cover this in detail in Module 4 “How hackers get around 2-factor authentication” in the YouTube Security For Creators course.

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Keep safe out there,

The Security For Creators Team

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