New: Google Security Alert hack

Creator Alert Hi Reader, This new hack is going viral and I have been dealing with several YouTube Creators who have fallen for this hack. We were able to stop 2 of the channels from getting hacked, but unfortunately, the others were not so lucky and are now working with YouTube to restore their channels. Since this isn’t an isolated case, I thought I would quickly let you know what to watch out for: What is this hack? Whenever you sign into your Google account from a new device, you receive…

Beware of this DM!

Hey [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], I wanted to give you a heads up of a scam that is going around via Twitter DM that is targeting Creators. This is a Twitter DM that is sent by various accounts such as @Capra420 and the content is as follows: “Hey Bro, I’m a YouTuber specializing in YouTube ideation, both long and short form. Currently collaborating with Oscar VLTR. I’d like to offer you a free trial: 10 ideas delivered within 2 days. No results yet, but hey, it’s on the house. After that, it’s…

Your Channel has been suspended – DON’T CLICK!

Hi Reader, This FAKE email is making its rounds to YouTube Creators informing them that their channel is being terminated. Subject line: “We regret to inform you that your privileges with your channel have been limited as a result of violations of our community guidelines.” The Email: The fake email Of course, this is FAKE and did not come from YouTube. What happens when you click on the link? The link is NOT a YouTube link. When you click on it, this is what you see: The “support form” They…

Creator home addresses are being EXPOSED!

Hi Reader, In the YouTube Security Training, I teach why you should set up a PO Box or a Virtual Address. It takes just one creep to show up at your home and your life instantly changes! This does not only apply if you are a “big” Creator. We have many incidents of “small” Creators being harassed by some creepy fan. It’s a security precaution we should all be doing. HOWEVER, there is a new worrying trend. “Fans” are sending packages to Creators’ PO Boxes and hiding AirTags inside the…

I need your help!

Hi Reader,
I am hoping you can spare 60 seconds to help me with a Content Creator Security Study.
It’s a quick multiple-choice question form where your answers are 100% anonymous –​
Why this Study?
This is part of a larger picture to understand Creator Security and how we, and the platforms, can implement changes to protect our content (and our income!)
Why a Google Form?
I want to be clear that I can not see any personal data such as IP address,…

NEW malware steals info from your iPhone and Android devices!

Hi Reader,
Why this Alert?
A new malware has been discovered – and it’s a bad one!
It is called GoldPickaxe.iOS by Group-IB and is a sophisticated mobile Trojan that steals information from both Android and iOS users.
It is capable of collecting facial recognition data, identity documents, and intercepting SMS.
The threat actor then uses the stolen biometric data by utilizing AI face-swapping services to create deepfakes which allows them access to the victim’s bank accounts.

So easy to hack channels with Lumma Stealer…

Creator Alert
Hello Reader,
Why this Alert?
Be aware of the dangerous Lumma Stealer campaign that is currently being hosted on YouTube.
This is a 2-step attack:
Step 1: the hackers first find a vulnerable channel that isn’t secured and they take over the channel.
Step 2: the hackers upload a video that shows step-by-step how to get software for free that typically Creators use such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas.
In the video, you can see the exact steps required to get this popular…

New Hacker Email Targetting YouTube Creators!

Creator Alert
Hello Reader,
Why this Alert?
During December, we had several reports of various emails sent to YouTube Creators that contained a malicious link in them.
From the examples we have seen, the email is typically a “Merry Christmas” style of email with a link to a gift certificate from a brand.
Our thoughts:
The email is well written and is probably created using AI such as ChatGPT.
The sender has done some research. In each of the cases we have seen, the email mentions a specific…

This is NOT how copyright works – BEWARE!

Creator Alert
Hello Reader,
Why this Alert?
We are getting reports of this email that is targeting YouTube Creators.
The email informs the Creator about a “Copyright infringement report” that needs to be reviewed and signed.
Our thoughts:
This is NOT how the YouTube Copyright system works.
If you were to get a copyright notice, it would come from YouTube and look like this:
YouTube Copyright Notice
As you can see there are no forms to fill out.
The notice includes the title of the video,…

Beware of the Social-Proof Hack

2 different Creators got hacked by the same person.
How the hack started:​The attacker created a website that was an exact copy of an agency’s website called “The Shelf” which specializes in working with Fashion Influencers. They contacted a fairly large Creator in the fashion niche with an offer to create a campaign for a brand.​
No links. No attachment. All done via email.​
Once the Creator agreed to the campaign, they asked her to send them a testimonial that…